Meeting in Reading

My impressions after meeting with "Nature Nurture"

Once upon an afternoon we were invited to a meeting with an organization located in Reading called “Nature Nurture”. It were two ladies who invited us and who together form a group protecting flora and fauna. We met on a meadow, on a forest hill on the outskirts of the town. They talked about how it’s important for them to take care of forests in Reading. All groups participating in the project, h.e. Spanish, Polish and Italian, came to the meeting very eagerly. We were accompanied by hosts – David and Thomas, or simply Tomek if we remember about his Polish origins. The visit was full of impressions and emotions. Companions to learning were jokes and laughter. Despite that it wasn’t really a forest I realized that it’s Reading’s green lungs. After promenades in the forest we understood how much “Nature Nurture” care about purity of environment.

Somewhere on a meadow in the middle of forest among carved sculptures, sitting on beams like real scouts, we boiled up water in simple fire pot so that everyone can drink a cup of tea or coffee. This resulted in that people from the organization showed openness and respect to the environment which should be taken care of and promoted. How nice and easy it was! Our grandchildren should not grow in steel and concrete jungles, in huge uproar and car noise. I remember the name of one of ladies – Emily, who carried bags with drinks and cups. It can be seemed as something petty, but for me it showed that good things should be promoted even among small communities. It’s splendid and smart. Now I know how many things I have to catch up with. To learn English, to become more open towards other people, cultures and communities. To love what surrounds me even more – verdure, life around Warsaw. We, Poles, should verify our thinking regarding life and integration with Europe’s beauty. I will remember those moments for a long time.

Author: Krzysztof Pawłowski, expert with experience

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