Meeting in Reading

My impressions after meeting in Reading

English weather.

While preparing for a trip to Reading I was thinking all the time that I should be prepared for the English weather. That’s why the first thing that I packed was the umbrella. Completely unnecessarily. During the six days of our stay in Reading not a one drop of rain fell. It was warm those days, and the sun even coddled us. Let me introduce our hosts – Clive (on left, drinking chokeberry juice ;)] and David [on right, drinking tea ;)] making sunbathing more effective during the break.

Meeting in Reading


The main topic of workshop in Reading was storytelling. We were learning the rules of telling a story so that it can be interesting for a listener, as well as methods of visualizing a story by drawing or taking pictures. Clive and David from RealTime organization prepared some exercises which encouraged creative thinking. They were also showing us that by using only a few frames (drawings, photos) it’s possible to tell a story. A story which has an introduction, plot and its end.


Meeting in Reading


Besides the activities connected with meeting’s subject, RealTime organized study visits to other local organizations they are cooperating with.

One of those visits took place at Madejski Stadium where Reading FC is located. A charity organization Reading FC Community trust is operating within the club’s structure. It provides sport activities (first of all those connected with football, but also swimming, athletics, gymnastics) for children and young adults. The goal of those activities is to prevent the youngster’s social exclusion and to put them off from temptation to commit crimes.

During the visit we had a tour around the stadium. For me it was a great experience. As a child I wanted to become a football player, but the lack of talent caused that nothing came of it. Now, sitting at football locker room I could feel myself as a professional player at least for a moment.


Meeting in Reading


Meeting in Reading, as well as previous meetings in Roma, Warsaw and Gijon inspired me to write a short poem.

Tell me your story
I'll tell you mine
When we talk to each other
Things are going fine

We are meeting in Reading or Gijon
And the things are going on
We are meeting in Warsaw and in Rome
Let's make Europe our common home

Author: Grzegorz Porzeziński

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